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Designated for assignment, your assignment is written from a good starting Point of View. That starts with the academic and legal aspects and focuses on the methodology of the thesis and its implications for the future of that thesis.In addition to the dissertation methodology, you may have some of the technical details on the subject of the dissertation itself. The dissertation guidelines and methodology can make your project a great test of dissertation credibility; your supervisors will know what youre looking for and they can assign you the key elements and key sections for the dissertation.

It means that you should do your reading with the original sources.The main idea is to find the most relevant elements from the sources that are most credible, relevant to your own research. The method should follow a logical structure that gives you a clear path to the sources you consult. Your final dissertation should be published without any revisions. Here are some guidelines to follow:It is important to clarify whether your source is reliable or not: Does it reflect the best available evidence?

Does it make sense and is the thesis logically logical? How can you present the thesis in this way? If it is reliable, why is you getting it? Are you confident in your research method? If it is not, how will you justify your argument? If your sources are reliable, make a list of the key elements that your sources have in their original form. If not, then you can go through the following steps as a backup:Look at your sources: Do you have a written account of the sources that help describe your methodology?

If so, you need to check the content of the references you used in your thesis; look at the information that references your source as well. Do you have any references to external databases that are used in your research in theses by other scholars who are also in your research project? Are they authoritative or not?Look at your results: Is there any evidence that you produced results that are reliable? Is there any evidence that your theory was correct? If so, what are the details you need to check before putting your findings into practice?

Have you analyzed and defined your data and research methods: are they good enough to support your conclusions? Are they well documented and well-written?Look at the conclusion: Is there any evidence that is significant enough to justify your research? Does it clearly demonstrate your main argument? Has the final thesis explained why you conducted your research and why it works?Check the thesis statement and make a conclusion: Does it clearly indicate that youve made a contribution to

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