Examples of an argumentative thesis statement

Examples of an argumentative thesis statement are: ‘The following argument is a good source for a thesis.’ or ‘You can write a good thesis statement on it!’ or ‘The argument can be considered a strong thesis by those who can observe.’.Example of an argumentative thesis statement: ‘We should be careful when it comes to the word ‘exhibit’.’Example of an argumentative thesis statement: ‘If alcohol is good for you, then it’s good for the human body.’Example of a conclusion sentence to be written on a thesis statement: ‘If it helps the body, then it’s great indeed.’It is best written before the main text or the concluding sentence of the thesis statement, but is less formal.The last sentence of this paragraph might be written earlier in the paper (which might only be used for the conclusion, whereas the text of the previous section is called a thesis statement).Note the style, number of words, style of the text in the introduction, the structure and the order in which it is written.

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Pollution thesis statement