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Research conclusion: “It can be very difficult for many students to gain appropriate guidance on their academic writing in a given field.” [17]How to approach essays:A well-written essay is the most important piece of academic writing, and you should do your best to convince your reader that they will agree with you when it comes to the topic. This can involve the writing of a simple outline – and to help you put this together, you can go into a lot of detail about what the essay must look like.

Here is information and tips on how to approach essays, from tips on how to write a strong argument to the different methods you can use to persuade your reader that what they need in an excellent essay is a good argument. [18]You will need to find out which approach is most suitable to you, and try to find the essay that is most suitable for you, so you can avoid that when you start writing (even if this doesnt always happen).As well as choosing the essay type, there are certain things that a writer should do when writing a persuasive essay:Choose an appropriate topic.Before you start writing a persuasive essay – and even before you choose a topic – it is advisable to choose an appropriate topic.

This is because the topic you are planning to discuss will affect how the topic will be decided. Consider the topics to decide on, as well as the different perspectives and the different literature they can influence. In this essay you have some choices to be had by each topic. Here you may also find a great guide to the type of essay.Choose interesting questions.There are many things that a reader can ask to know when writing a persuasive essay, and you may need to include these in your essay, for example:What is needed for the reader to agree with the topic?

What does its topic say about the author’s attitude towards the problem? What does it not say? What is the topic and what questions are important in this case? How much does this information come from the writer itself?Write your conclusion and argument essay: a brief summary.In this first paragraph of a persuasive essay, you will want to give some ideas about the main points that the author wants to make, what you want to add, and what the results of your argument might be. It will help your readers decide how to respond to your essay conclusion.

Dont forget to read the main body and write your own conclusion and argument essay after each one.

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