Restating thesis

Restating thesis.This chapter of the dissertation is the part of the dissertation where you provide a summary of your thesis. In this chapter, you’ll have to include your main ideas, the sources and the conclusions that you’ll be drawn from.If your thesis has a conclusion that isn’t directly stated, the reader might wonder how to write such an important part of the dissertation. Here are some techniques you can employ, but theyll also work best for your thesis.Don’t waste precious time: This chapter is devoted to explaining the “why” of the topic, to explaining why the dissertation is best to do so.

It’s a short answer to “what’s important, “why is a “problem”, and “how” to propose to solve the problem.This section of the dissertation can’t be too confusing. Here’s how to keep your outline simple:Use the same starting argumentative sentence as you use next. Use one sentence that sums up why your thesis is the way its written. Your last sentence should end with a “because”.Try to maintain the same order of sentences throughout each chapters. The difference, as always, is that you need to be able to follow the flow of the topic.How you’re going to do this will depend on how long your introduction will be.

Make sure you keep it in one of two possible styles: one that’s easy to understand in most cases and one that’s complicated in some cases.In your introduction, write one sentence each that sums up why you’re doing this chapter. Make a second sentence that sums up why you’re doing this chapter (and it should do so quickly). That way, it’ll make sense to begin with an “answer”.Don’t use phrases like “how” and “why” with other words or “just as”. Use sentences that are more in-depth.“Why” is just another reason you need to think about your thesis.

And “a ”. And” is just another reason you’re doing this chapter. Make your conclusion a short, clear statement.Keep it interesting: In a nutshell, you need to keep your conclusion interesting. The body of an article will contain many more details that your thesis.

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