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The meaning of report-based policy: Why do the public trust information systems?The public trust in information systems has a much wider range of importance and impacts. The reason for this is the simple fact that the average person does not have the ability to understand everything available to them and so the public trust systems have an excellent capacity to help in identifying and gathering information on key public information. People do trust information systems because there is strong reason to believe this is the best way to communicate information across all levels of communication.

Information from information systems is information which can then be used in decision making. As individuals, they have a direct opportunity to use information systems, and it is essential they use the system to assist in deciding on the best options. Information systems are not just a tool for making informed decisions but they can be an instrument of decision making. This is because information systems help people make decisions based upon their needs and desires and because the information systems are a means of creating and evaluating the needs of individuals, rather than the outcomes of decision making that a decision maker normally desires, for this reason the decision maker typically lacks the ability to provide adequate information to the public.

Because information systems come in different sizes and sizes, people are generally more interested in the same information as they are to gain a clearer understanding of what they are getting into.The most significant argument that comes to mind whenever someone says that information systems and decisions should be made based upon the needs and preferences of the majority of people is the idea that information systems tend to influence peoples thinking. The more information that is gathered on the system, the more individuals will have access to information in the form of information that is not available from elsewhere, and there is less likelihood to be biased to believe something that is not true.

In fact, the information is often so much more easily obtained by relying on someone elses information that it is more difficult to trust someone else than you would trust information in a trustworthy system. Information systems are therefore a way of getting access to information about the system when needed.People who have a direct connection to the information system and have a strong tendency to make decisions because of people who have access to information or access to data about how the system works tend to make decisions because of certain decisions that occur from information systems, or actions that are influenced in some way by the information systems.

People like to think of information systems as like tools of decision making, and the information system (an information system) is about choices that result in actual outcomes. Decision making is in turn about decisions that

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