A good conclusion

A good conclusion for essays that end with a call to action, or a story with an ethical tone, requires an introduction that gives the reader some space. You can do this by using a short anecdote or anecdote that you have already told in the introduction, or by writing it in a way that tells more about what you could potentially do to change the world. A good approach to writing this essay is to use the story to illustrate your perspective, or just do something really clever.Example 1.It has been a while since I last saw you, in all the time I have spent with you.

A little time has taught me the value of being with you and to help you achieve goals. I am now more interested in you and your journey than ever before.A few days earlier, on the day I was finally home, I saw your journal. It had been a good read. I had seen what a writer could be, and how this journal might help you. I wondered whether I should look for your journal as the guide, or for a journal for children. I soon discovered that you might be my favourite writer.I was delighted to find that your journal had been a great source.

You took time to read it, and explained in what ways you were interested in having children. You then explained how you felt about childrens rights and how you admired their ability to make choices that are beneficial for children—not just what a father has to say about his children. It took some research, but you were able to bring out many aspects to the issue and I am grateful for those.If your journal had said something about you making choices for your children, I think I might have appreciated that.

If not, I wouldve wondered if I should look at your journal as the guide to a new, different and more important project; I certainly appreciated that. But I was too busy trying to explain that to the parents who will be listening. I wish I had said, like you did, in that paragraph—you told me you enjoyed reading about your own life, but felt you had to find more.If you have read the journal, there is a chapter entitled Childrens Rights . You have discussed the rights that are being made and the ways you have interpreted this topic and its implications.

It is clear that your perspective has changed: you began with the idea that children had a right in their own right to make choices that are beneficial for children, and continued after that, expanding on that vision. In the end, you gave

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