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Article writing jobs.There is a great variety of business online. You can also check the online jobs to find a particular style of writing to use in your project. It’s a “workbook” that you can learn and customize to fit your needs.How to Write a Good Case Study.A Case Study.Its a common misconception that case studies are a superfluous form of writing. Yes, writing an academic paper requires you to design a case study and make it to be thorough but it also requires you to keep in mind that case studies are not just about writing a research paper or writing a personal narrative but about studying a specific business problem.

One important aspect of writing a case study in college is to develop an attention grabbing attitude of your professor. Students dont always have to memorize the facts of a case study but if they do they would need to do the following things to prepare their study: analyze the problem, identify any similarities and differences, identify some of its symptoms, explain any possible reasons why the problem exists and present a plan to prevent the problem. A thorough case study takes an in depth research on the business problem creating a real and specific context.

This can be either brainstorming activities or looking at the problems themselves in order to discover what is important to solve. To prepare you also know what to include in your work in order to prepare a case study and why you are conducting case study.Case Study Writing.Before you begin a case study, there are a few things to consider before you begin with writing:What format should I use?Many students ask how they can write a more academic paper. One of these students is Dr. Yvonna Dziak, owner of the Business Institute of Northern Uganda and Founder of The Association of Business Consultants .Case study.Dr.

Yvonna Dziak identifies three basic structure of a case study:Research Thesis statement, Background information, Conclusion.Research Overview : Background information and analysis, Overview of research problem, and the implications of the problem. Reviewing the results from the previous research Thesis statement, Background info.Background Information — A thesis statement is a paragraph that explains the problem and its root causes. This section is often found in early projects of the writer. A thesis statement also shows how the research was conducted and why the findings were important.Background Information — Background Information that the author has observed or knowledge on the issue.

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