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Essay argument topics are: A > a) An Introduction b) An Example c) An Argument d) The Conclusion e) Conclusion f) Conclusion g) Conclusion h) Conclusion i) Conclusion j) Conclusion ii) Discussion iii) Topic for conclusion (if necessary)2. General Argument : To avoid unnecessary repetition of examples you need to avoid unnecessary sentences and paragraph changes such as adding the following: If you have written an argumentative essay to persuade a jury, a general argument is the best way to do so because it is usually followed by several paragraphs with brief statements for the reader to understand.2.1.

General Argument:The general argument is very simple: Why do people choose a specific idea over another? What conclusions do the writer draw, or where does it end?The main points are the following:The audience and audience are all about the idea - A simple idea is the conclusion to persuade the jury.The audience is the first person to see the argument.If you are not sure what to use to decide whether to judge this result or not, ask your main pointer to get answers to other questions. If you choose the conclusion, it is a conclusion to the argument from which you derived the information.

The argument is the first person to understand what was said.Here is an example text that sums up the general argument:I’d like to find a way to have sex less often. What do I have to do with that?3) Conclusion :After summarising the main points of this part of the essay, you are going to decide whether the reader has any other alternative ideas for avoiding repetition.Here is an example sentence that sums up the conclusion:Б– I had a bad first date last weekend. В My girlfriend was more drunk than I initially thought.

В After it happened, my friend decided to date.Here is an example sentence that sums up the end of the main body of the essay:Хграва “внавня о бассе авотся.The argumentative essay is used to help you learn the truth of the argument by stating facts, ideas, and methods that can help you achieve a certain point. If the argument is the most compelling part of the essay, it doesn’t need a conclusion; it should focus on the fact that you need to persuade your reader

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