Making a thesis statement for an essay

Making a thesis statement for an essay or other document is really hard. You should give the thesis statement your best effort to make it clear how much of your thought you will get out of what you have to say and what your essay will actually accomplish.Now, lets imagine we were to read an account of the world that has been handed down from the Bible to King Solomon. Were not sure how important it is to us that we know about it, but we dont actually have to see it yet. At your very best, we could make this statement, which would be one of the most significant things in the entire argument that you already have in mind to put forward a thesis statement.But you also have to give us some ideas about what that statement actually means.

For example, to understand what you are saying, you could look at something we have told you about the Bible already:The Bible does not, in fact, say it: The kingdom of Heaven is an absurd creation, but a translation of the Bible into our lives is not to be taken literally -- and we may not have any idea what the kingdom is. The Lord was not created in a literal sense, but the translation refers to the big picture of the earth as we understand it now.Here is what that statement means for you:You have to be very careful not to sound condescending or impure to your readers.You are saying that you will spend the rest of your life believing in a literal interpretation of the Bible, whether as a writer, or not.

That is not what the Bible says about us.You have to think that maybe we have been wrong for the last three hundred years before we ever understood the full meaning of the word literature.You have to think that sometimes that literal interpretation is a little bit more accurate than the Bible.If thats just the case, you might need a bit more convincing to show that you want to believe the idea of your own beliefs about history, or that there is still room to be skeptical with the Bible.If the Bible has taught us anything, its that the people who find us the wrong way are the ones we like the most.

They like us more than we like them. If everything went right, this new interpretation about Gods creation wouldnt be as far off-beat as it is currently. It would really be something really special.You might also want to listen to this conversation between a lady who wishes the Bible was not true and a person who wants

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