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Sources of literature on this topic include: PubMed. The literature review is not a comprehensive collection of the literature you read in order to review what specific texts are included in this topic. Rather, it is a collection of references which can be found in your area of research. For a specific reference to this topic, you may search our reference lists for other references and consult with the experts about further relevant information.A list of references on the Literature Research page with links to the relevant sources are available.Your Literature Review may include research papers (researches) or research reports that can be cited.

They may be based on existing scientific literature, and thus, may have little influence on other research. The literature of your field may also include reviews of existing research or in general.There are more definitions in your subject area such as ‘Literature’ and ‘Research’ .We also use this page to define literature that your reader can use to find literature (for this is not a list).Literature review: methodology & guidelines.How does it work.A literature review in the UK provides you with an overview of your research and the outcomes of your studies, which may include quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches.This type of literature review covers research methods (research designs, methods of data collection, statistical and analytical methods), data analysis methods (analytical methods, or measurement), and clinical observations (clinical experience).

It also covers the theoretical and theoretical foundations of the research.There is usually no literature review on a specific theoretical or methodological point of view. Rather, the literature review describes your general theoretical, methodological, or clinical approach.The key issues to consider when selecting a theoretical or methodological approach – which you may not have been exposed to through the theoretical and methodological approaches that have been chosen by the researcher – are in section 1: what is the relationship of your data to previous studies?

and/or section 3: what is the relationship of your data to current debates? These are the most appropriate issues to consider when examining theoretical, methodological, or clinical data. Finally, the literature review also discusses the potential problems you might face with the research method you choose to conduct the study; and you should avoid using words like ‘logical’ that describe what you are investigating.Steps – Find the topic youre writing about.Find the topic or reference youre interested in.

If you have one or more references to your paper, consider using them. However, be

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