Steps for writing an article

Steps for writing an article about your study.1. Provide a brief background of your topic . Describe the overall structure of the study . Have notes on your methodology, your main results and your recommendations for further research.2. Explain the major issues and problems that you are trying to solve in your research. This will help to understand why you chose these key issues at the outset of your analysis.3. Use examples from your literature review to support your background : explain how your literature review covers your topic, explains the main findings and makes recommendations for further research.4.

Be precise and reasonable when you identify the research areas under investigation. Dont simply reiterate the literature. This includes discussing each of the different research areas in your literature review ; your outline for further research will also help you identify research questions, explains your main findings and the recommendations for further research. Use examples you are describing to demonstrate your knowledge about the literature to be studied; explain the key terms used for your study and what sort of information is required for your purpose.5.

Provide an analysis of your data . Describe the data collection, design, and process. Make clear how and why data is collected and the procedures followed in collecting the data.6. Describe your conclusions and hypotheses . As you begin to write your report, state the conclusions and the research questions that you have identified in your literature review (e.g. “In this study, we aimed to use individual case study research methods in explaining the observed association between time, level of education and age, gender, and age group”).7.

Explain the relationships between studies and research questions . The reader is referred to a statement in your synopsis (e.g. “The literature review chapter does not show a clear connection and differentiation of the literature. The results of our research clearly show that the relationship between the case and the research questions has not changed… This is due to the fact that the study has not been able to predict the exact relationship between an individual case study and the research questions.8.

Describe the steps taken in collecting data. In case of individual case study, your reader will now be more familiar with a single topic. You will therefore be able to describe in detail each step. This is the part of your report where you describe the methods used or the experiments performed.9. End your synopsis: Write the synopsis by using “So far, so good” as a preface where you state your observations about the research issue. Here,

Guidelines for writing a research paper