Writing reflection papers

Writing reflection papers are a great way to show that you’re ready to put it off. Here are 10 tips on how to write a good essay:1. Make it catchy.It might seem obvious, but you don’t have to write an essay to impress your instructor. The point of an essay is to show that you’re a skilled writer, so catchy catchy phrases like “I believe in…” or “I believe…” are all you need to write your essay. In fact, you could write one full sentence catchy and then edit it into your essay.2. Be honest.Doing so may seem silly now, but you still need to write well.

When writing about yourself, you have to be able to say things like “I am a team player…” or “I’m a hard worker…” or “I am a strong worker…” Don’t ever plagiarize , as that will just reinforce your skills instead of giving you trouble.3. Keep it short, understandable sentences.Short sentences are the most difficult part of an essay. Short ones, however, are also the most effective. Try to avoid starting sentences with “I am a team player…” or “I am a hard worker…” because those two are very easy to make up without too much effort.4.

Be flexible.You have a lot of ideas going into the essay, but you also have a lot of ideas to use in the body paragraphs. Use them to build your argument, not to destroy it entirely.5. Avoid cliches.When you are writing an essay, you need to be open-minded. If you use “I am a team player…” or “I am a hard worker…”, you are using clichй words and phrases to indicate that you are skilled at something.6. Use relevant examples.Sometimes, it is necessary to use examples from the examples section. But this isn’t always necessary, especially when you are writing a literature review.

Try to use relevant examples that show how your ideas fit together. Try to show creativity in your writing, or a common thread by sharing something from your experiences. Just like in your essay, something you had experienced and how it affected you.7. Stay focused for the whole essay.A good way to remember is to keep it focused on the whole

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