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Dissertation results).Thesis Results.A thesis statement is basically the document that states the entire thesis statement for your study. It consists of the following steps:List all your important information to include in your statement.Write a thesis statement about the study.Write the thesis statement about the study in your chosen subject area. (This is where all the data are to be included in the thesis statement.)Write the thesis statement about your thesis about the study.Your thesis statement will be in the form of a thesis argument and an independent conclusion.

In the main thesis statement:The thesis statement, which you have explained here, is the central thesis statement of your dissertation. In this statement, you will specify:What is your thesis statement in the context of your study?What parts of the study do you plan to investigate in relation to?What will be your discussion topic and purpose?What are the limitations of your study, and if these points of interest will influence subsequent research?Writing a thesis statement.The main purpose of your thesis statement is to set out the questions you will ask about the research problem you will present in your thesis statement.What are the central questions set out in the thesis statement?

You are most likely to ask these central questions:What are the primary questions that will be raised in the following chapters of your thesis statement, and why?Where do people in your study work? Do they take a different approach to the research problem facing them?How can I develop theories about the research problem facing them? How do I know that I have thought about the research problem before I start working on the thesis statement? (I am aware that people often tell me, I dont think it will be feasible to conduct research that tests these theories.)What are the central theories that will be developed in the following chapters of your thesis statement?

You will find these central theories (along with references) in the first page of your thesis statement.If not, discuss with the author your ideas for how the research problem you have identified may be best addressed.Writing your thesis statement.The first section of your thesis statement describes the main questions you will ask in the dissertation. These questions are:What will you be doing next? What are the key elements of your research that need to be addressed in this section? How are the main aspects of your research in relation to previous studies and theories that have been done in the research literature?

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