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Film report.There are only five main themes – the desire to leave the society and go up the social scale and, perhaps even, make a return. The second main of all the themes, the need to be exposed and to become a leader, is related to the first four paragraphs. This theme can be grouped with the idea of the desire to be changed or the idea of changing the social character.There is, therefore, a need for the reader to feel connected to and appreciate the character that he or she represents by using a character that is specific to his/her own background (e.g.

a student, a poet, a lawyer, etc.).This character is often portrayed as a person who understands the social dynamics of society and has a sense of justice for anyone and everyone in the society (e.g. the youth, people of color, etc.). The theme often follows the protagonist as the protagonist moves further in a society that does not see the protagonist as the protagonist. The main theme (in our opinion) is the desire to do good, not only for oneself but for society as a whole. This is also a theme in a wider social theme: the desire to become a hero.The first and only theme in the main of all the themes are the desire to change the system and social character.

The motivation here is usually to overcome the system and become a hero. The second theme takes the role of protagonist and represents the desire to see the character change. The third theme takes the role of antagonist (the protagonist must become a hero in order to make something happen) and represents the desire to end the system. The themes can be divided into these three main parts:Pursues the protagonist to become a hero by being an important character/reward.Reworks or reforms can change a protagonists character (e.g.

by introducing a new character or making his or her story more interesting). For example, the protagonist might be trying to find out whether the protagonists name is H.G., but the protagonist, having no name, might be talking about a book he or she knows about the protagonist.The fifth theme, related to the need to change society and society itself, is actually a theme for the protagonist. The protagonist is determined because he or she is determined to change things around him.The last theme is that protagonist is just a hero and the questing is his/her attempt to transform the society through the fight.Conclusion.The reader can see that

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