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No homework excuses, or even just the wrong kind of homework?A good question to ask on your coursework paper is this:What kind of homework do I need to write?You shouldnt worry too much, just learn how to write good essay papers by yourself.Here are some tips to help you write even better papers in the future:1. Get lots of information on the topic.Here are some different ways to turn a research problem in the topic of your choice into a problem in the form of a question or thesis.Consider this: If the issue is the value of human health, ask the questionnaire (if used properly) for the answer.

This is a huge topic to cover, so its always a good idea to know what the central problem is and what youre likely to write about in it.2. Start with a clear question.Another helpful way to get a clear answer in a research paper is to start with a question (or a thesis question). There may be a question about how much money is needed for college and the future? or a question about how much will it take to make the economy work for a living? Heres an example: How much money do people need to raise their children?

Are these big questions that students should address in their research papers?3. Focus on a particular problem.Another way to get a clear answer is to narrow your argument and focus only on a particular problem. Here are questions on the why, how, and solution of a particular problem:4. Find a topic topic.Start with a topic and move on to topics like how much do people need to be paid for their basic needs? or if a government has to pay for each persons basic needs, do they have to be more like people?

Try to find a topic topic that is more general than that, such as how will people do the right thing? or what is the cost of building the best hospitals in the world? This may involve a topic about cost of living. If you have access to some textbooks, or if you have a paper on a particular topic, you should probably check them out!5. Write a thesis.If youve got a thesis question like Should women be allowed for an exclusive right of voting? then go ahead and write a thesis. This will be the topic of your essay about democracy as it is now.

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