Writing a literary essay

Writing a literary essay: an introduction to literature review.LITERATURE REVIEW OF RESEARCH ON INDEXES.The objective of learning to write a literature review is mainly an analysis and summary of the literature on the subject. Writing a literature review in an academic writing, requires a writer to analyse the different types of research studies, analyze their findings and to summarize the results. Therefore, literature reviews are crucial for your work. This section contains the basic information about how to write a literature review such as choosing methods, time and format of writing reviews, citation styles and formatting of the literature.A literature review should contain several sections:Background information on the topic Background information on the subject Introduction to background information Main conclusions and recommendations Discussion and recommendations.WHAT IS A LITERATURE REVIEW?A literature review is a critical evaluation of the literature on any topic.A literature review should be written in chronological order, for every relevant type of research that has been studied.

This will make a good summary of any important information that has come to your attention.What sort of literature review is it?A literature review should have a logical structure based on the primary research literature. This will explain the differences in the selected literature and provide an understanding of which researches have been found to have strong links with the subject of question. The key points for this section are:Topic and sub-topic in the topic Indicate whether the research has a clear focus and if there is any gap in the research.How long should a literature review be?There are different guidelines for writing a literature review, and each section has its own purpose.

A literature review should be limited to a certain length for it to provide an organized and well defined overview of the literature. The longer the review, the better for the understanding of its sub-headings and structure.Where can I find a literature review?You can find books, articles etc. online. As a general guide you can also search for other authors to write your literature review. There are also databases like Google Scholar as well as sites like Encyclopedias and Rotten Tomatoes that you can use to find the reviews of other writers to read.

There are also different book reports that you can use as a general record of the literature in your paper including those from others.HOW CAN I WRITE A LITERATURE REVIEW?You need to make sure that you have all the essential information that you need in order for the reader to find and

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