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Business dissertation proposal? It’s not until after you’ve done your work that the writer’s name comes up in your mind.It’s a great trick to ask yourself “yes” (yes yes) or “no” (no no) questions like “what is the scope of the dissertation?”Here’s how to brainstorm the topic of your proposal:1. Is there a major research gap in your field of study?The dissertation has big gaps in a wide range of areas of study.You’d love to explore this area, but you probably want to be open and honest with yourself about where you’d like to go next in the research.2.

Is there an interest in other forms of social sciences as well (e.g. economics, history, anthropology, sociology?).If yes, then your field of study might be a great fit within the subject area (if applicable).3. Is there any interest in the field of law?The law school can be a great opportunity for any undergraduate student who doesn’t have much in the way of career experience.If you’re ready to start discussing the specifics of your particular case, then you’ve come to the right place.4. Does your research fit into the larger context of social sciences?For that matter, do you have enough space on your desk to discuss topics that others have explored previously in the past?5.

Are there practical problems that could help you solve your dissertation’s research questions?There’s lots more you can add to the table than that.Finally, what’s your most important resource in your dissertation proposal?The best way to brainstorm your topics isn’t to do them a lot!If it’s important that your students understand your topic at all, make a plan of how you will best address them.R.T. (2014). What Is the Dictionary? . Retrieved from: Is a Dictionary?

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