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College dissertation topics in sociology, history, political science, anthropology, and social sciences, with a specific emphasis on social justice and the role of race in social justice and the role of gender in social justice. This course provides an in depth analysis how social justice can be measured and framed in the classroom, how it should be seen in policy discussions, and whether social justice education can produce effective changes in public policy. As a member of the University of Chicago Department of Sociology, a part of the Chicago Department of Political Science, this course will focus on the social and institutional contexts that have shaped the social movement around social justice movements across the country.

The course highlights key questions in terms of how these movements differ from other social movements that have been developing with a more critical lens, the use of social movements as conduits by which people make change, and the need to resist the power of big business and their corporate influence within society. It is an engaging course as it will examine the social and institutional contexts that have shaped the social movements in the last three decades. Students must be strong enough to demonstrate a desire to be engaged in the social movements that have been shaping social mobility within this country for generations.

The course can be a one-hour, multi-colon online session:Each member of the online instructor’s group will sit for four to four days of class, and the instructor will provide feedback to the class members on the progress of the class. After the class has been taught, the instructor will provide feedback on the class’s progress, and the class will have a final lecture that can be attended by the student (or the instructor).4. Sociology Course.This program is intended for students who want to become sociology scholars and leaders, who want to build their career as scholars and leaders of sociology.

Students will conduct an intensive three- to five-month course. Students must prepare an extensive database of information concerning the sociology of their choice. A good sociology course will provide an in depth analysis as well as a critical argument for their position. A sociology course can be taken in the following disciplines:Philosophical Sociology (or Sociology of Human Rights)Social Sociology (or Social Economics)Social Research Sociology (or Social Theory)Development Studies Sociology (or Economics of Human Progress)Social Work Sociology (or Political Politics)Psychological Sociology Sociology (or Sociology of Social and Behavioral Science)Linguistics Sociology (or Social Anthropology)International

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