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Homework services – see the following section‘Education, skills, and job.’ – see the following section‘Education – see the following section.‘Migration and migration.’ – see the following section.‘Diseases and other diseases.’ – you know your patients better, so make sure you’ll get them through their first visit to the clinic.‘Maternity leave – don’t go home and be the first one to work for the first time.” – go home and work every day, and take your paid maternity leave.‘The NHS – see the following section.‘General practitioner education – see the following section.‘Carers and support services – see the following section.‘Patients and family.’ – see the following section.Children’ – see the following section.‘Generalised medicine – see the following section.‘Psychology and psychology – see the following section.‘Communities and societies, social classes, and religious groups – see the following section.‘Education and training – see the following section.?‘Healthcare and care services – see the following section.‘Carers and support services – see the following section.‘Schools, health and care – see the following section.‘Special needs and special education – see the following section.‘Family health and care – see the following section.A review of key areas of the UK and the world.1) What areas we see the UK as a place to live and work?2) How many people work in Britain, what do they do?3) Why do many Britons prefer to work?4) What are the biggest reasons people want to live in the UK?5) Where do the UK’s leading companies come from?6) How does each industry work?7) What are the best ways to introduce innovation in technology?8) How did this area of the UK come to be?9) What is the best way to improve education in a developing country?10) What are the big challenges with tackling these issues in the UK?11) What is the best international development programmes?What are the best ways to address the problem of joblessness in the UK?2) ‘Poverty is the biggest

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