How to write a good summary of an article

How to write a good summary of an article review.The article review literature can be divided into two categories, such as review summaries that focus mainly on one subject, and review summaries that concentrate on several subjects. In these case studies, you should try to choose a strong overview you can use in both categories. It should include something like the following:1. Title of the study. 2. Abstract of the research article 3. Introduction and main findings of the research paper. 4. Statement of the problem or issue.

5. Results and Discussion.Reviewing the main strengths and weaknesses of previous studies can help you understand the overall importance of the selected subject of an article. Also, keep in mind that the results and discussion should be the only part of the article.In this section, you should include the following:The main findings of the research paper. Review and classification information about the problem or issue. What has been done to date. The main conclusion of your research article. Key objectives and purpose of the article.The main points of an article:Title of the review The article’s main points.

Discussion of the problem or issue Conclusion of the review of the article.These key points are the central points of an article in a literature review. You have to provide an abstract that you can refer to in the reference section of the article you read at school.In the next section, you will analyze and list the key findings and the main conclusion. Be sure to answer the question: Why is this particular issue relevant and effective for your study?What are the advantages and disadvantages of the article.

What have the authors used to prove the importance of the topic? Why are these advantages and disadvantages different?The main issue of the article is the problem of global warming. The argument is focused on the fact that global warming is caused by human activity.The article concludes the critical points that you already mentioned in the reference sections of the journal with a call-to-action. You need to take this opportunity to take a position on the issue. The problem is that the authors don’t provide good data from previous studies in this area to compare.

The aim is to make this problem better.Writing an outline of an article review paper.The best way to write a review paper is to use a few guidelines on how to follow these guidelines.The body paragraphs are the most important sections of an article.The summary of all the important points, problems, and results of the previous research. The

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