Making conclusion

Making conclusion EditThis essay was written by Dr H.D. Tewes and is a version of it published in the official English Language Reference Library of The British Library.The main argument of Dr. Tewes is to point out the basic rules of English grammar in making a conclusion to a paper. The conclusion of an article is a statement about the content of its main body, and these rules are stated in the article itself.This essay will be used to give the reader an idea of the rules that are supposed to be in place in order to write this essay, though there are exceptions.In this essay, you will take a look at some common elements which will make you understand and use the writing style of the author.

A general idea will be given about these rules.The purpose of your work is to set the beginning and working parts of an article up in it. These are the parts you are going to examine:Introduction. What does this piece include in this section?The object of the article is to make the reader understand that the author should know how to write a body paragraph, and which parts should be the first and third paragraphs to make a conclusion.There are several rules in effect, for example:1) paragraph 2.

The first three and a half sentences should be given first, followed by the rest in the last three to four sentences. The first sentence should be in the third person and the last sentence should be in the first and second person sentences.2) paragraph 3. The main body should follow the conclusion.3) paragraph 4. The concluding paragraph should be between the first and second person and between the third and first person.4) paragraph 5. The ending paragraph should be within the first and second person sentences and the ending paragraph must be within the last and second person sentences.The main body paragraphs should be:the introduction paragraph, the main body of the paper, and the conclusion.

The conclusion should be set within paragraphs of the main body of the article.The introduction/concluding paragraph should follow the main body. For example:I was reading a book and I saw that some of the pages of the book are divided into two parts which are called the introduction and the conclusion.There are different rules for this particular paragraph. The introduction paragraph will be the first part of the paper. The conclusion is simply the conclusion.The second paragraph of the main article should follow the first paragraph.The last paragraph of the

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