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Summary literature review (ORR)The ORR or systematic review article reviews are written for the purpose of identifying and summarizing existing literature, while the literature review is intended to identify new, important, relevant, or well-researched research on a specific topic that has not been covered previously. An ORR article should:describe and explain the results of the researcher’s work; specify the significance of the research outcome(s); and specify the nature of the problem(s) which the researcher has addressed.

Provide evidence for the researcher’s findings, as well as evidence of why they have been applied.How a review article is structured.A primary purpose of a review article review is to identify, identify, and summarise all published studies addressing a research problem, problem area, research strategy, strategy, or research question, as well as to identify potential methodological gaps and potential limitations within the literature; as a guideline to reference and guide your readers before beginning to read your work.

This is the same system (Chen 2011b) that you would use to identify and identify potential literature gaps within your literature review.The criteria for summarising and summarising research, as well as providing evidence for your research strategy, are as follows (Chen 2011b):The review article should focus on the research problem(s) which your study addresses, the research strategy or research questions which have been identified, the research designs, research methods used, the research process, or the evidence of the researcher’s methods.

The review article review should also focus upon your overall aim and aims within the problem area. The article should clearly address your research problem(s) and your main objectives within the problem area. A review article review is also best when it’s summarised and presented (Chen 2011a; Cukor 2013). However, when summarising or summarising the literature you should provide some justification for your findings and conclusions; where the review article review meets all of the above criteria, the review article review should be focused on a particular research question and your research, as well as the results provided, in support of that question.Recommendations for a review article.The following suggestions are suitable for summarising the results of a review article review:Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your study; Identify the gaps in your existing study, and make recommendations for improving this and narrowing them down.

State what your goal was, and what direction your research will take you.

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