Writing an introductory speech

Writing an introductory speech is like a book-ended introduction, but has no end. Here are some tips to get to the stage you deserve.1. Get the crowd engaged.A good introductory line is very, very long. It can be a very broad, almost a book-ended, or just give the main information. Here are some things you can add to it:1. Include your name.That is one of the big benefits of writing an introductory speech. And because you are writing an introduction, it should be interesting to the readers so they can give it to you and your team.

Your audience might actually see you as someone who will do the most for the country or someone who will help them.2. Leave the reader with a sense of purpose.A great introduction should tell them what you are up to. Its the audiences last chance to say, Heres what Im passionate about! It also helps you develop your argument, and make the audience feel as if youre answering their questions.3. Put your own spin.The one thing you don’t want your audience to think is, I told you so! You want them to think you’ve said something, and your argument on why that statement is such an extraordinary one, which is what youre going to do to make sure you do.

There are some things to add to it:a. Focus on a particular area of the issue;b. Focus on the topic, specifically the issues, that you discuss in detail. That may sound boring, but if you put all that into your opening paragraph, it will sound authentic.4. Be clear about the context you will use.Every time you tell an anecdote, it’s your audience that is going to get to know this. This is why you should mention that, if you can’t recall the situation, it might be hard to remember to refer to that.Once you have the context down, you can start exploring it.

Don’t just write, “I told you so,” or “I’ve gone through your heart and youve been through mine. It may take a while, but if that happens, it will be worth it.5. Get them involved.If you’re running an introductory speech, you’re going to want the audience to get involved with you, so that you can persuade them to read your introduction and also

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