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Assign tasks to your application.Start this search feature by clicking Apply at the top of the screen.Select One.Choose the kind of information youd like to include in a document (e.g. resume, CV, letter, and so on)Click the Add button in the upper right hand corner. The link should appear. Fill your name and email address and click Submit.Congratulations! Youve now successfully filled this form.Do not worry about it, we will take care of it. If you want some assistance, contact your supervisor.Why do we need your contact information?If you are in a position of need, you need to submit this form to get the information that you want.

A supervisor or admissions tutor could answer all our questions.How do we protect your account Information that we collect through your account You should always keep your information safe, as it could potentially be used against you in the future.Who can access your personal information?Once youve completed the form, youll see who can access your account, and so on.Where can I find other students who want to access my information?If youre looking for other students who want to get access to your information (for example, if youre interested in using them as enrollees for your application).Dont forget that you can use the ‘Access to My Data’ link on this form to access your personal data.Who can check my status and get more information about me in relation to someone else?If your account information is a result of your coursework or study, you might be able to check this if youve got further information about me in relation to someone else.You can also try searching for your coursework in other universities or other organisations.How can I contact you if I have questions about using my data?When you have questions about your use of your information, consult your university or universitys Privacy & Data Protection Manager .

If you think weve missed another problem, or if you have any feedback that could be used to improve our services, please dont hesitate to email or message me .How do you send information?To begin with, you need to make sure you use a secure and easy to use communication network (Wi-Fi, email, or chat). You can find out more about how to send data about any type of online service by using the network’s Wi-Fi section.You dont need to be

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