Homework should be abolished

Homework should be abolished in every school. It should be compulsory for all students to use language and do research.Students should be given a chance to have the opportunity to study in colleges of the same kind.Every student should have the opportunity to attend meetings and discussions with senior officers.They should be encouraged with their creativity and learning.They should have the opportunity to attend the lectures, conferences and activities of the university.The same should be observed with the teachers, supervisors and staff of the institution.The university should be aware of the fact that the students should not be subjected to any kind of psychological warfare.All the students should be provided with the opportunity.In general, the students should be kept within their boundaries.All the students should be kept at the same level.The University should be the main goal of all the students.The university should be a source of pride for every person.In all your social life, all the students will be involved.In all the activities, you will be involved in the students lives.

It is not the work to get involved in anything.The whole society will have a good impression about you. You will have a chance to understand what you are capable of.The university should keep all your studies.It is always the university’s duty to keep them going.For every year you should pay attention to the students.The universities should keep a good record. The students will have to keep up their effort, as always.The universities should keep the pupils in the same kind of mind.Students should be in a state of complete and utter disorganization.The students might feel that the university keeps things like this going on a lot of time.

They would rather go through them by themselves.The students also need to be aware of the importance of the university.If students are allowed to do the various activities of the university, the society will have a good impression about them.The students should have the opportunity to read, look at, and write your papers.There should be a system in place, where all the students could learn their particular fields of study.The students should have the opportunity to participate actively in various classes.The university would be at the same level as a school.Students shouldn’t be subjected to any kind of psychological warfare.The university will give them a chance to be useful.Students should be taken seriously in certain fields of studies.Many

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