I need someone to do my homework

I need someone to do my homework.The first thing I do when I find out youre here is make dinner for my assistant.Thats why I was in the restaurant to work for her last night.If I hadnt arrived in time, I still would not have seen you.I need somebody to do my homework, I need someone to do my homework.If I wasnt here to work for her when we were there, how have you taken the heat off me?Have you got another job yet to get yourself some attention?If you want to work on an actual project for me, make sure you give me a call first!The best part is, my assistant works on the final version of the project for me.I was looking forward to seeing the last version but Im so glad you said you werent sure.I know its been years before you got an assignment but Im glad to see that you didnt turn back.You really have to be the first person I ever hired to do an actual project for you!I have a great career path but I have had to be a little bit patient as well.I need someone to do my assignment but I really dont have the funding!My first order came in from a stranger I had never met before.That was really funny and really inspiring!I think you have to be the one to tell the world what you are doing.Not that I was expecting anything like this.When would you recommend your next assignment to someone else?If nobody else does the project, Id recommend it to you.Im pretty sure its your birthday now, but I dont want you all to get in the same boat with your project.This was my first try at writing my homework assignment online, so I was really disappointed not to get some helpful advice.I just wanted to give you something I really appreciate for your help.This is my second attempt at my first assignment with a company.Youre absolutely right that I did not expect the results to be that amazing.I actually hoped that theyd do a project like this one before I decided I didnt want to, but I wasnt in the mood for that.It also gave you a chance to work with me a bit more, and I believe Ill be doing my homework at the same time!You certainly did not disappoint me and Im eager to get to work on it next!

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