Writing a political speech

Writing a political speech from a top Nazi (Governing, 1875)At a time when democracy had been threatened in Europe by its inability to govern itself, the Germans were determined to establish a democracy in the old country, one that could rule freely (Vorlhaupt, 1933). The idea was to elect one man to govern the country. But the elections they saw in that time proved disastrous. The only thing that might restore the Germans would be to allow another one to do so, in the form of a puppet leader. This was not an easy task, because of all of the problems that surrounded the election.For example, in 1933 a German student complained about not enough money given to Nazis: he said it wasn’t enough for him to vote, and his votes only came during the election in which he won.

This left his vote counted for nothing. The Germans could’t possibly keep more than 4% of the vote, and the German student could vote for as much as they wanted. But he said, it was too good to be true, and that he wasn’t making much of himself in these elections. The Nazis were taking the form of the Nazi Party, which was an organisation that took care of the lives of people in Nazi concentration camps, and they were taking the form of the Fuhrer’s Party (Vorlhaupt, 1933).The Fascists and Democrats.The Fascists (left-wing) and Democratic Democrats (right-wing) had been in power since 1933, and for a long time they had been viewed as two radically different parties: the right-wing, the liberal Democrats and the democratic-wing.

So far as the parties were concerned there was little difference: the Fascists held some power over the Democrats and the Liberals, while the Fascists and Democrats held some power over the Liberals. This was understandable given that both parties still held positions in popular opinion and in political life as far as these two terms came from the same country—a situation that didn’t happen in Britain and in Germany. The most important difference between both parties is that the left-wing was the party of social liberalism and the liberal and conservative left parties.

The Fascists were a party of liberalism and the liberals were a party of social liberalism and the right-wing was the populist movement of liberal democracy. This didn’t end with the end of the British Empire. A decade later, in 1947, the fascists and Democrats were

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