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The introduction is an opportunity to introduce the readers to the main idea of the academic article, to persuade the readers that they need a little help with their academic assignments. So the introduction has to explain to the readers what is the essay topic and what should be done in the writing of article. So a writer should write his entire topic in the first person to give a chance to the readers of the article.Introduction of Essay: A Simple Guide to Writing an Essay Example.If you are a student and trying to write an academic article, you should check the advice of our experts and learn how to write an essay introduction using examples from university guidelines.So the introduction is a very simple way to create an interesting introduction to the essay.

It explains to the reader how to write a introduction to an academic citation that tells the readers that the academic article is worth mentioning in university guidelines etc. So the introduction should include the thesis statement in the beginning of the text.How to Write an Introduction to Academic Article.So the first thing we need to understand before writing the introduction is:1st, a lot of research has gone by in the academic world in recent years – from the most recent in the USA and UK – but there is a lot of great information from other countries; and from the US and other countries too.The introduction in this case should have an example like “A lot of research” which explains the writer’s purpose and main point.

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