Guidelines for writing a research paper

Guidelines for writing a research paper, in general, is based on the hypothesis that the topic is worth the paper; to this very good hypothesis, however, is usually formulated in terms of the assumption that the research is likely to be interesting. The assumption here is that the research will be interesting and potentially relevant to the general population. Hence, in addition to the research problem, the hypothesis should give a clear explanation of the research problem being investigated. Another form of theory-based approach is the method-based approach, which aims to provide a framework in which the research will be carried out; the proposed method will be based on evidence that is provided as a result of the actual data collection.What is the research problem and research protocol ?A scientific research problem can be defined by a set of rules, which are generally defined throughout scientific disciplines, such as biology.

According to Dr. Pauline Boulton, of MIT, (1995), the scientific research problem must be the cause and outcome for a scientific approach. As a scientific approach involves solving a problem by presenting data and the methods of investigation that are used to solve the problem.Research protocol refers to the process by which the research methodology is carried out, i.e. the process of planning the methods of investigation, as the researcher identifies the research problem and the method of identification of the research problem.

If it is defined in terms of practice, methodology and research design, it should describe these terms, i.e. they describe the methods that are employed to find the research problem. An investigator must therefore be able to describe or describe the research protocol in the context of the approach.If a researcher chooses to select an approach, there are two main components: a theoretical approach, and an experimental approach. The theoretical approach is the one that has been studied and used in the first instance, as opposed to the experimental approach.You may note that the most well-known research protocol is the protocol that has been written about, e.g.

Aetnas research protocol which was used to show that they can produce a similar number of passengers per passenger. The experimental approach is the approach that has been used with a different protocol.The methodological approach is the one that has not been studied in practical terms, e.g. the approach that has been used to get approval for the use of certain experiments on a particular problem, or the approach to get the research problem investigated and presented (i.e. to get approval for this method).

The methodological approach will be the

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