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Help thesis statement :This is the first sentence of your thesis statement. If you dont have one, use one of your most commonly used statements below. The second sentence of your thesis statement is your thesis statement. Keep it to a minimum, including any other significant content that you want to highlight to support your thesis statement.Example:In my research, I wanted to find out if there was a difference in the difference between a woman and a man to determine the cause of sexual harassment among women.

The answer was yes, of course, a woman can be a man if she has sex with a man. For that, I can only assume that someone was trying to make a case for why it is good for a woman to be sexually assaulted.Example 2:Another one of our researchers investigated this phenomenon and found that all women have sexual harassment problems that lead to the following symptoms:An inability to control her emotions, fear and behavior; a persistent lack of self-control and control; a tendency to judge others based on their behavior, feelings, or behaviour (for examples, a woman could complain about something being wrong with her boyfriend); a tendency toward anger and a lack of self-control; and a preference (even subconsciously) towards extreme or degrading behavior.Example 3:A writer asked a man to write a dissertation about a famous person he knows and is certain to enjoy every moment with them.

The writer said, “I really do need to write one,” and replied “yes.”Example 4:In a study that used a self-report questionnaire to decide which respondents to follow throughout the study period, women who completed the survey were less likely to be bothered by feelings associated with a certain person. It was found that respondents were more likely to say that they were bothered by a certain person’s feelings, but less likely to say they were bothered by a certain person’s attitude (see Figure 1 ).In this example, the researcher chose to investigate whether women’s feelings of a certain personality were related to the degree of sexual harassment and sexual harassment problem that women experience.

A study based on the following questions might help to answer the questions. What are the women’ feelings about this person? Has someone in the audience ever written her/her paper or told her about it?Example 5:This writer was asked to write a thesis statement for a dissertation on a large organization that was founded during the 20th century. The conclusion she

A research hypothesis