Homework for students

Homework for students of any level : “Don’t let people in your class who need your help think they can make use of you and their time as a colleague.”“Don’t try to force students to write in their own words.” – Mark Twain.No need to find a place to sleep - go to the local pub, cafe or cafe - and ask yourself whether they have an easy place for you.If you think about the importance of your student writing, it gives them a reason and motivates them even more to do so.Don’t take the time to read through thousands of different books, journals, stories, short stories, essays or short film, or sit down with another student who has written a book.Think about their priorities and whether they really have the time to do it and what makes them want to do it.

Make up a list of things they can do. Don’t waste a lot of time and energy on writing a paper.Just because an expert won’t give them an example for how to write a good dissertation doesn’t mean that you should take their effort and write one of them.Think about how to make them use your writing to your advantage. If they do, it shows their ability to think critically about the material in the way that other academics do.Don’t sit around and think that they can’t think and write like you do. Just show them that they can think, read, do and write what you want them to think.Don’t try to persuade them that writing is essential, that it has to be done and done well.

Just use words they are already familiar with to demonstrate that they are reading the same material they read.Use the resources in your own library and social networks around your time to share stories of your own with others. Think about how you can make them use and use your writing as you would like.Don’t get them to read a book.No matter how good you think that book is, it’s going to be a very hard read. If you get them to read some books that someone else has written about, it’s going to be highly embarrassing and they won’t be able to understand it.

If you get them to read a book they can understand in a different way, you’re going to have a lot of potential problems if you’re

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