Literary synthesis

Literary synthesis: the theory, method, and theory.The goal of a research method is to discover information concerning the existence and characteristics of a phenomenon and to generate a theory of the phenomenon. The method of research consists of collecting information about the known facts and about the facts existing in the field of knowledge and of studying the facts, and of analyzing them in relation to the theories and theories of the present day. This method of research is called quantitative research.The problem is, how to interpret the literature of the chosen topic and to draw knowledge from the knowledge found in previous works and articles on the subject.

Quantitative approaches can be used, as shown in Figure 1. One can use the quantitative approach in the study of population-based studies for which the population is divided into population-specific and population-specific sample. The results of quantitative methods of research can be obtained from the research procedures with a qualitative approach. The qualitative approach is used in case of experimental or case-control studies to examine methods of experimentation and methods of investigation and to use the data of other researchers to conduct studies.

The qualitative approach is used to compare and contrast methods of research with the established methods. The methods used in qualitative research are often described as “intrinsic methods”.In the methodical method, one will use the most basic qualitative methods to collect data. One should always observe and follow the methods of their choosing. The results of quantitative techniques can be reported and analyzed on a case by case basis.Research with quantitative methods.The quantitative method is a qualitative methods for collecting data concerning research procedures, its methods of observation and data analysis.

It allows data entry at specific points, using a random sampling method and on the basis of time and place, without making changes in data quality. It also allows the researcher to evaluate the information in question using the same criteria as in the main methods of qualitative research.In the quantitative method, an analysis of several variables in a qualitative study is conducted. In this method, the researcher conducts an experiment, to see what is happening in the real world. In the qualitative method, the researcher uses experimental techniques to study an empirical phenomenon.

In this process, the researcher uses statistical techniques to study the phenomenon. In general, the researcher uses data to study the phenomenon in qualitative research or theoretical research.Quantitative research is a method of studying qualitative data. It consists of analysis and interpretation of qualitative data and data sets, both the qualitative and the quantitative data. Qualitative researches involve a qualitative

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