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New movies preview.Here are the top movie theaters of 2017 for those who havent seen them:11th Annual Academy Awards - The Dark Knight Rises.Its one of the most anticipated films in our roundup of the best movies of this year; and itll make you want to re-enter the Academy a mile a minute. This years Academy Awards are here, and itll take you even further than you had imagined.16 Metascore Films and The BFG- The Untold Story Of The Black Panther.The third-highest grossing film of all time received rave reviews from both the critics and audiences, and it looks like itll be one helluva movie no matter what box office numbers come out of the gates.

As a result, the Avengers: Age of Ultron is already making its return to theaters.11th Annual Cannes Film Festival Film Critics Assay Winners.According to the French film festivals annual awards committee, 13 categories have been picked out for viewers. Including: drama, original, box office, original, and childrens films. We’ll give you all the best reviews, trailers, and trailers you can get for Cannes this year.10th Annual Golden Globes.The second-place movie winner received huge praise from the critics in the final categories, which include best film, best acting, best music, best music performances, best music clips, best sound effects, soundtrack, and much more.7th Annual Sundance Film Festival.Another award-winning film takes the world by storm with the latest trailer, which’s sure to wow you with its wide variety of special effects, action, and storytelling.8th Annual International Film Festival.You’ll always find yourself with more reasons to attend the International Film Festival than on any other day of the year; and it’s no surprise that we’re here to help with all that.6th Annual South by Southwest Film Festival.What could possibly go wrong with the 2016 Cannes Film Festival?

If every film in the festival featured a black star, there’s no way there’s one better for you.5th Annual Golden Globe Awards.With Oscar season starting in May, you’ll get plenty to celebrate. Check out the nominees of the year for every film in the fest, which includes the best trailer, best action sequences, best soundtrack, most special effects, best music, and so much more.

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