Write an article on wikipedia

Write an article on wikipedia that includes the following elements:The article should describe the problem of the research.The author should describe the problem, in brief.The sources to be used should be specified and the source must be of scientific and academic use.The conclusion of the article should contain the question that the problem raised and the purpose of the research and the main purpose of the research.The title of the article should be clear and complete with the title of the author and the name of the researcher.

The title of the article should include the name and contact details of the researcher and the name of the place and person in the research who provided the information. The thesis statement should be clear and comprehensive. To add details, the title of the article must be followed with sentences for details. The title should be in capital letters and with Arabic and Arabic letters. When finished, the conclusion is short and contains important words and are connected with the content.The title should be short to contain wordiness.

The title should be short but long enough to enable readers to understand. The title should be of short length. The last sentence should contain the author’s name. The rest of the statement should be short. It must contain the author’s name, date of birth, educational institutions, and the name of the article in the summary. For example.Thesis Statement.What does a thesis statement say?The thesis statement. As the name suggests, it is the last sentence in an essay. It is a statement which explains why the topic was decided and also the fact this article was written.

In the text, in the first two phrases, the author is the thesis statement. The author holds the position and is said to defend the point of the thesis.How to write a thesis statement?Thesis statement should summarize the article. The first sentence should contain the hypothesis and thesis statement is called a statement, with the authors name and date of birth. The rest of the statement should be short and contain the author’s name as well. This might be short and simple. It should be short but not short.

To put it another way, the only way to read this statement is to open a computer of the essay. In summary, the thesis statement is written in the first sentence of the main body of the paper. The rest of the statement should contain the purpose of the research work and the reasons the answer of the research topic is the thesis statement. It must be complete without any confusing sentences or

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