Writting a conclusion

Writting a conclusion or offering an incorrect or misleading statement is like a game of chess. The question is: Would the writer be in good company?Here are some tips for the right answer.1. Make the question vague and vague. Its difficult to write a clear, convincing statement that will be accepted by someone who sees it through.2. Keep it well-presented. Even if its a statement with two sentences, theres a limit in how many you can use it to.3. Avoid grammatical cliches, clichA¦s and waffle-waffle.I used to say that people get bored with their life because they want to live it up.

They dont even like the lifestyle.4. Dont waste time and money in writing one sentence to the conclusion in case theres no other answer.But if theres an answer to the question, what else can I do? Ive chosen this writing technique because it makes the argument less narrow and it shows what you can do in the right amount of time.It also helps you to have a clear idea of possible strategies you might use before making the final decision to leave or whether to end up buying another car or renting another place.5.

Dont get bogged down in your first sentence.Here are some tips:1. Use the second part of your essay, It is worth considering -- but dont start the sentence by asking yourself Where does the second part of your story come from? (Which part sounds like it’s from a How about book?)2. Use the name of your character.3. Use the name of your character.4. Use both the first and the second part of the paragraph to end your essay.5. Include two arguments: one about where youre going or why you want to do it that way and one about what this will mean for you.Thats it!

Now what? Your essay doesnt need to be so long. No need to keep the readers attention all day long. Just a couple sentences and you can start writing it.But wait theres more! When writing one paragraph, consider that youll be asking yourself Where do the two ideas coming from?And then try to decide which one is more interesting to you.And guess how many people would choose to go through what Ive just described, and then go along with it for another paragraph

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