How to write a brief summary of an article

How to write a brief summary of an article that describes a certain topic.How to write a research text.The best way to write a research text is to divide it into two chunks – a descriptive one and an explanatory one .Each section starts with a brief mention of the topic and does so clearly – which is especially important when you ask the question, “so what?”. The focus then shifts from that to its description. Describe, specifically, a certain phenomenon/event/conclusion, while explaining that the reader will find out if/why the phenomenon happened, in its context.How to write a body of research paper.There are multiple ways to structure your research paper – but it is not hard to divide them into several types.

For example, there are three parts and the main idea is the headings.Heading.It is the part of your paper where you make a prediction that explains what is to come, and the parts should be arranged in a logical sequence that should inform on what does or does not answer the question. For example, this research paper introduction should be written in the first person or first person is, as the saying goes. The thesis part of each body part explains the purpose.Body.This is where you explain the argument you are making in the paper.

If you will explain why the question is being asked, or what your answer might be, do your best to make your readers feel like you asked the hard question, and then decide what answers should be included, and why.Thesis.This part is where you discuss your evidence, and discuss your conclusion. It is the part that you are going to explain a few things about your research topic, and your argument or hypothesis. For example, do you expect the researchers to use different methodology for this study, and if you are not, do you need to rely on one or the other methodology instead?Thesis hypothesis.The statement that explains the answer to a question that is expected from the readers.

It is the question or topic being studied, and the hypothesis/hypothesis is that hypothesis that answers the research question. For example, if you are studying social psychology, and you have a question about bullying, and the researchers have a very high degree of confidence in that, then the researchers will look at what happened to help, whereas, if they believe you have no confidence in that, you will make your statement by saying, “I will not believe that”.Hypothesis.

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