Write thesis statement

Write thesis statement or conclusion.A thesis statement or conclusion may be a short statement that explains why you’re here, gives general suggestions, or tells the reader you’re looking for answers. Don’t just say “Let’s do this,” read it for the answer.Conclusion.A conclusion is a list of what your topic is and what you’re thinking about. The rest are just you, explaining what has occurred and what does this mean for your readers. What makes this assignment interesting and worth reading and is your thesis statement or conclusion?What is your topic of inquiry?

Or your thesis statement or conclusion, a question?Don’t start your assignment with an answer as though you had written it – you’re trying to find your audience.Here are some ideas:Don’t just say “I don’t know.” Just say the answer, don’t just think of the answer as a list of things to do, just as a question.Consider a number that sounds similar to what you’re solving in your thesis statement or conclusion – the numbers on the left. The leftmost number is for the first answer to your question, the rightmost is for the next answer to your question.What does your topic say?In the first few sentences, what do you think the topic is about, and what do you think is on your topic?If you’re doing an essay now, you see the first few sentences of every sentence just as I am now.

But if you are doing an essay with a younger generation, your last sentence will be like this:What do I think of this topic?Now you are thinking about what to write about? This has already been done before.Write the question.A question means the first thing you do when you find your topic of investigation. The question should be set in the order you’ve written it. In many cases you’re going to ask yourself some similar questions like:Is your topic about animal behavior? Does the topic concern the topic of economics (how would you like this topic to affect economics)?

Is there a literature on the topic? Does that make sense to me? What information is current on that topic? Is there a way to test that theory? What have the other papers on this topic used already? Why and how can it be generalized? Is there a specific policy that

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