A thesis statement offers

A thesis statement offers a description of the major components of thesis statement, the main objectives and implications of your research, and an outline of proposed methodologies, research designs or methods for generating this information. This will enable the reader to clearly understand and analyse the subject of your study; you will also help you to formulate the thesis statement in an effective manner.An Introduction.In this introductory chapter you should outline each of the key components.

These may be described in two parts. In the first part you will explain the major concepts, questions and issues, the different parts that need to be answered and the methodologies that need to be used in these sections as well as the results of your research and results will be reflected in the second part.The Methodology.This section gives you the introduction to the thesis statement as the first part of the introductory chapter of your study and it is the method of data and analysis in this chapter that sets you apart from the rest of the study.

It can be quite interesting to know this. How to write this section?There are two methods of data collection in study, the concentric and the convergence.The concentric method is for analysing what sort of data or results you will get from your work. It combines information gathered from gathering and analyzing each data point and it provides the framework for analysing and comparing these data together to see if it is valid and effective enough or if the results can be applied to other kinds of data.

This means that the approach to analysis can be any other type of method – e.g. the way you analyse a data point is different depending on the subject area you are studying and the way you analysed you will need different methods.The vergence method is for analysing multiple data points together to see if they have the same or similar characteristics. This is also referred to as the convergence method. All data points or segments are separated into individual sub areas and this method is called continuity.

It uses different parts or data to show different or opposite results. The data segments are numbered from one to the other. These are called continuity nodes or continuity items. The convergence method has the following features that makes it different from the vergence method:The convergence method requires that data points are separated in different areas. So if there is a difference in the number of continuous nodes with one or two segments, there

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