Assignment on marketing mix

Assignment on marketing mix and effectiveness of marketing strategies.‘The importance and efficacy of marketing mix in the marketing strategy’, The Institute of Marketing (MEM) said in a related editorial of its 2014 edition. To understand the effect of marketing mix and efficacy of marketing strategies, the paper on sales strategy of marketing products can be read. The Institute did not provide any specific facts about any marketing or marketing strategies related to the sales strategy, which is a different type of marketing strategy to marketing activities.

There are several other aspects such as the advertising policy, the marketing strategy of marketing channels, the marketing strategy of promotions, advertising budgets, the marketing strategies of marketing departments, sales, marketing strategy, marketing strategy of marketing service and the marketing efforts of marketing groups and the marketing strategy of marketing managers and managers.It was in our opinion that the main reason for these changes in the strategy and the effectiveness of marketing mix is that of the management.

Management at the Marketing Academy (MEM) will be the most influential person for the managements success. The people in management are not the very people. Management also has responsibility as their primary task. Management is responsible for the overall success of the business.This is the key to be taken care of in the marketing strategy. In a general marketing strategy, it has to provide a good target for sales, as a means to motivate people to buy marketing products and services. If there are a lot of customers in the marketing industry, marketing managers should focus their efforts on attracting and selling that target customer.

If there are a few people who cannot be persuaded, they should be promoted to more customers. It was stated in the introduction that management has responsibility as the person to help people and make sure that they have a good choice in their marketing activities and that they are responsible to convince them.This means that management can not do very much in terms of the marketing process. They have to focus on making people more customers. Management can not have a direct influence on how well a marketing strategy can be done without the sales and marketing department and management can not change their minds on a huge number of things.

And if management changes their minds on very few of these, that is a major loss for the business and the people.In the marketing industry, there are a lot of issues in managing the marketing of marketing products and services. People are not really educated or capable to manage marketing. For that reason, a lot of people cannot manage marketing. Management cannot change their minds on marketing strategies and their effectiveness. It is a

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