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Fashion dissertation:Inventor: David Becker (1910 – 2013)Abstract of the Literature Thesis (for review) “David Becker, “the author of the seminal research proposal for the first modern-day fashion model, introduced this research design as in the thesis section” (pp. 551, 607)Introduction A thorough analysis of the theory and practice of “traditional and “traditional” modelling is required in order to develop a suitable and practical framework and theoretical framework for the interpretation of the phenomenon.

The theoretical and practical background of the problem and practical methods in the study will be essential to develop a practical and effective framework.Aims and objectives The aims of the research are to obtain and present an argumentative approach towards the research problem. The theoretical framework and its conceptual framework are to be used to formulate a practical theory of the study. The aims and objectives of the research will be to synthesise theoretical foundations to form a theoretical foundation for the study of the research topic.Methods, procedures and measures The methods and procedures for collecting data, testing analysis and recording the data can be described in the methods section.Results and interpretations The results can indicate the direction, outcome and resolution of the problem.

These can be referred to as “theory and method section”.References/Further readings/workshops/research papers which present a new research concept A new research concept is defined in the literature for a relevant topic (for a new theoretical framework, for a discussion of the relevant theory and method). This can be applied in an area with significant research potential to explain and develop a new theory of the study.Case reports and case studies The literature on the application of the case study methodology in research is divided into three groups; (1) empirical, (2) theoretical, and (3) practical.

If case study methodology is used in the case study, the methodology section has been identified as a reference when the case study is used. As a guide to obtaining a new theory, the methodology section should be in parentheses, with references to the sources in brackets; or, use the following formula to create a reference list of the relevant texts.References.[1] Thesis Statement and Statement of thesis (pp. 552–561)[2] Case Study Methodology (pp. 530–534)[3] Ethnographic/Data Analysis and Logistic/Case Study (pp.


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