Guidelines to write a research paper

Guidelines to write a research paper introduction:1. Introduction.A well written research paper introduction should:introduce your reader to some significant theory about your topic answer your research question give a brief summary of the main argument a concise summary of the main points of the paper.2. Background.The background page identifies the main topic of your research paper outline, including its most significant chapters explain your topic.3. Research Question.The research question is the main focus of your introduction and a very important one.

It should be answered, in no more than 500 characters, with two simple words. The research question must be clear, concise, and easy to understand.4. Background and Outline of the Research.The main topic of your outline is the outline of the research paper. Each step in the research paper outline must be listed down. The most significant chapters of the research may have more than one research question. Try to answer the research question in at least 500 characters, because all chapters must be written in one paragraph.

The most significant and concise sections of your research should be well-organized.5. Research Question and Research Statement.The main research question must be stated clearly and in your outline. The research question must be stated concisely.6. Research Statement Example.The research statement should be used to explain the background of the research and to explain you main focus. It should explain that, at this stage in the research, you do not have any background knowledge or all the relevant material and will not have a strong enough knowledge of the material present at this point.7.

Research Statement Outline Example.Here you will use your research question, the key words of the research or topic, and the research statement outline to explain the background of the research. You can find a sample research statement example to follow.8. Research Question Outline.The research questions are usually stated in the research question and are very important. You should answer one and other, where you will find a sample of what you will be able to answer in 500 characters if you want.9.

Research Statement Outline Example.The last few of the research paper topics, are to discuss on the meaning and significance of different literature/scholarly studies. You must write an outline of the paper to give your reader a head start from writing the research questions. You will also need to provide your topic knowledge.10. Research Information.The research information for your research paper is a summary of what

Guidelines for writing a research paper