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Research paper literature review. We reviewed selected manuscripts and the quality of the literature was evaluated using online-based questionnaire.We identified key terms and concepts that are important in the current revision. We also validated the argument from these terms. We have described the issues that we have been working on.These are the highlights of what is available right now. This page is meant to help people. They can help you and make a lot of sense. We hope that these points that already be discussed can be helpful for you.

We will continue to check the information, and you can rest assured it will have been checked and checked. We are always looking for ways to improve. So I hope I understand.Writing a Dissertation.Thesis Statement.Why this topic is appropriate and relevant.A thesis statement defines the research question, establishes the argument, and states why a research problem is an important and valid research question.Here are some ways theses can be written in different styles:Warrantless style: the investigator has the right to the researchers decision.

The investigator may then do some additional research, but the researcher has no legal authority to do so. This style is often referred to as straw man, citing John Paul Jones as the author of the thesis statement. Precise style: the investigator and the researcher can agree about what needs to be done in the study.The thesis statement will be the first section in your dissertation. You should not use a formal thesis statement for this purpose. Thesis statements are important because their purpose is to convince you that research is legitimate.

You should not simply state that, this is a research problem.Types of theses.Thesis statements are based on the following four types of ideas:Thesis statements are for the researcher to prove that the research problem is significant to the area of study. The author does not have the right to control how the author should define the research problem, and the research problem can be easily resolved through a research challenge. A thesis statement is a statement that proves the authors opinion or argument.

This may also include explaining why or why not the researcher should conduct the research. The thesis statement explains why the research question is important for the researcher to pursue. The student is then able to demonstrate that he or she has adequately answered the research problem. This could be the key to understanding why a researcher wants to do the research.How to write the title and abstract.What is the research problem? What is the topic

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