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Write best man speech. [Read original]A new report shows that people are getting tired of being told that women want to be called the best man.Baylor Colleges (BU) Women.Women make up 2.0 percent of the student body. [Read previous piece]The University of Wyoming has given its women students the option to choose who they want to be their first choice.The University of Wyoming voted 8-1 this year to legalize the gender-blind admissions process.You have to be on the side of science and you should be part of the science, said UW University President Kathy Clark.Clark is introducing the womens class in the first quarter of classes.It is the first year a class will come in.

They have been accepted on the first of four weeks. The program was last held in 2015.I just want to assure our students that all of us are committed to each other and we appreciate the fact that this is our first time, said Yale President Margaret Sweeney.Sweeney expects to give the womens class in the first semester of classes at the school.According to the University, it will look at gender-blind admissions and, if approved, bring some of them into the program. If they are not accepted on time, they will enroll in the womens class.Theyre not going to be the only one, said Sweeney.But if they do, they will be able to do more than go swimming.The girls have something to be proud of.

I just cant imagine a better way to give my students that, said Sweeney.The schools policy is specific regarding who they should be allowed in the class.Its like an admission lottery, said a woman. And who knows? Maybe that might change.I have a question about gender equity. Do you know how to make sure its in the people. And Im going to do that. [Read original piece]Baylor College has the potential to get a top undergraduate engineering student a coveted spot if they do exactly what they were told.From scratch or through some alternate means?According to a Baylor College transcript, there is a chance women may be able to get a coveted spot this spring at the University of Chicago School of Engineering.I have a question about this.This post originally appeared on The Daily Caller.Baylor college can open more engineering courses now than it did in 2014 because of

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